0800 220 333

Mobile outreach

Our mobile outreach serve hard-to-reach and underserved parts of the country.

Providing mobile outreach services across Uganda

Our outreach teams have built a reputation across Uganda for providing quality services to hard-to-reach and rural areas.

These teams set up at public sector health facilities at mostly HC IIIs and HC IIs (88% of outreach sites) and provide a full range of quality contraceptive services, including permanent methods and cervical cancer screenings.

Our outreach teams

Ensuring access to our clinical services in hard-to-reach and rural areas across Uganda.

The teams, consisting of midwives, nurses, and drivers, travel to the hardest-to-reach areas to provide contraception and family planning services in high-need, low-access communities.

The teams work together with public facilities and individuals from the local communities in which we work.

Unsure where your nearest outreach location is? Call our contact centre number on 0800 220 333.