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Welcome to Marie Stopes Uganda

Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU) is Uganda's largest and most specialised private sexual and reproductive health and family planning organisation.

For 20 years, MSU has prided itself in providing a wide range of high quality, affordable and client-centred services and information to men, women and young people.  We are uniquely well placed to reach first time users in areas of high unmet need, thereby increasing contraceptive prevalence.  We operate in the most inaccessible and undeserved areas of Uganda where the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate is lowest.  Our delivery channels are designed to reach first time users.

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We work in every district in Uganda and provide approximately 25% of all modern contraception, the majority of which is delivered in hard to reach and remote areas.

In 2012, we had an outstanding year where 327,000 clients were served and more than 1 million Couple Years of Protection (CYPs) were delivered, which was an impressive 32% increase from 2011.

To date, MSU has partnered with organisations such as STAR SW, TASO and Community Health Alliance Uganda to integrate HIV and Family Planning services in order to broaden the health impact at service delivery points. These strategies have enabled women and couples to protect themselves against both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

To reach our young clients, MSU started an initiative called MarieYouth.  This initiative focuses  on  concerns of young people such as teenage pregnancies, STIs and HIV-related issues.  This initiative led by youth addresses a broad range of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) issues and involves a series of interventions such as interactive and informative yet fun sessions with youth in rural and urban settings.

Our Mission

Children by Choice not Chance.

Our Vision

A Uganda where women and couples have the fundamental right to decide the number and spacing of their children.

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Our impact in Uganda

  • The services we delivered in 2012 averted an estimated 260,000 unwanted pregnancies and 880 maternal deaths.

  • MSU provides approximately 30% of all modern family planning in Uganda.

  • In 2012 over 90% of MSU's clients received free services in hard to reach rural areas through mobile outreach.

  • MSU works closely with the ministry of health and NGO partners across Uganda to get services to women that need them the most.

  • MSU is a locally governed, independent partner of Marie Stopes International.

  • In 2012, MSU's Lifeguard brand sold its 200,000,000th condom.


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