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Lifeguard Condoms: Frequently asked questions

MSI Uganda

17 December 2020


1. For how long has Lifeguard been in Uganda?

Lifeguard (LG) condom has been in Uganda for over 20 years and commands 43% market share in the commercial and socially marketed condom category based on the 2019 sales data.

2. Who distributes Lifeguard?

LG is distributed by Marie Stopes Uganda. Due to the popularity of the brand, Ministry of Health (MOH) partnered with MSUG to utilize the Lifeguard brand name to boost consumption of condoms for the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

3. Last year, the brand received some negative publicity, what happened and how was it addressed?

In October 2019, due to an internal supply chain failure 1,001,220 pieces of Lifeguard that failed NDA condom test were unintentionally released to the market. This was an isolated incident affecting these batches only. NDA issued a public recall for the two defective batches of Lifeguard condoms after which a nationwide search was conducted

By Mid-December 862,454 (86%) of the defective condoms were recalled from the market. All the recalled condoms were destroyed by incineration by NDA. Although these batches failed the NDA test, the same condoms had passed pre-shipment testing from a WHO prequalified lab (TUV in Singapore), therefore they are relatively safe and did not pause significant risk of HIV transmission.

4.What has been done to ensure safety of Lifeguard?

MSUG has changed the LG manufacturer to a capable UNFPA pre-qualified supplier Thai Nippon rubber industry which supplies both Kiss and Hot pink condoms in Uganda. Thai Nippon rubber industry and Co. Limited (TNR), has been in existence since 1993. Over the years it has manufactured condoms for domestic and globally use which are exported to over 100 countries in different continents including Europe, Africa, America and in middle-east etc.

In addition, MSUG warehouse Standard Operational Procedures have been updated, including a more stringent procedure for issuing condoms stocks entailing written approval from the Country Director.

5. Can I trust the new Lifeguard?


The new Lifeguard has been tested and approved by the National Drug Authority (NDA). The condom meets the highest international safety standards, complying with ISO 4074, ASTM,  WHO requirements. The condoms are electronically tested for safety and reliability, biocompatibility according ISO 10993 and are subjected to periodic nitrosamine and protein testing. All condom batches are also subjected to electrolyte water testing for leakage and are tested for for burst strength and elasticity using of air inflation testing equipment.

6.How is the new Lifeguard different?

Lifeguard is now available in a new pack. The condoms are of a high-quality and meet customer’s needs as they lead the way in innovation with regards to texture, feel and size.  It is strong and studded so it can be trusted for dual protection and utmost pleasure.

7.Who is your target population?

Our primary audience is both men and women, 18-30 years, residing in both urban and peri-urban locations, mostly sexually active.

8.Where can I find Lifeguard condoms?

The new Lifeguard condoms are available in pharmacies, health facilities, supermarkets and shops countrywide.

For more information, please contact

Faith Kyateka, Head of Communications and Policy

Email: faith.n.kyateka@mariestopes.or.ug

Visit or website on www.mariestopes.or.ug

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