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Gone are the days of having a child every year!

Sandra Arinaitwe

23 May 2023

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Presenting a story that demonstrates the transformative power of family planning services. In Mpigi District, one man's decision to undergo a vasectomy not only brought positive changes to his own life but also sparked a ripple effect in his community. Join us as we delve into this remarkable journey and witness the profound impact of family planning. 

“Gone are the days of having a child every year!”

~ Yosefu Walakira (A beneficiary turned Peer Supervisor)

It all started when Marie Stopes Uganda visited our community, to educate us about the various Family Planning methods for both women and men and offer services.

Feeling the weight of responsibility with a growing number of children, I became deeply interested in the options for men and understanding the benefits of each. It was clear that I needed to take action to ensure a manageable family size. After careful consideration, I made the life-changing decision to undergo a vasectomy.

Since the procedure, my life has taken a positive turn. I have experienced no challenges, and I continue to enjoy a loving relationship with my wife. My children, now happier than ever, have been able to return to school and pursue their dreams. Gone are the days of having a child almost every year. Today, they have all grown up, and I am now fortunate enough to play a role in educating my grandchildren.

I have become an advocate for vasectomy and Marie Stopes' family planning services. Encouraging other men to consider this life-changing option, I have referred numerous clients to visit the mobile outreach clinics and get the services for free. To my delight, not a single one has ever come back with any complaints or challenges. The impact has been tangible, as more men in my community are embracing Family Planning and taking control of their futures.

Recognizing my dedication and passion, Marie Stopes provided me with further training and entrusted me with the role of Peer Supervisor for Mpigi District. In this capacity, I support the Social Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) team within the community-based mobilization. It is an honour to educate and empower people wherever I go, spreading the vital message that Family Planning is a catalyst for better lives.

I firmly believe that Family Planning is a transformative force for fathers, mothers, and children alike. It not only shapes individual lives but also contributes to the overall well-being of our community.

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